Accelerate Month End & Focus on Value Add Tasks

Reduce complexity and time spent on financial operations with E2E automated reconciliations.

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Gain 100% transaction-level visibility over payments and fees


Reduce manual effort by up to 95%


No code: zero development time required

Streamline Financial Operations

Our no-code solution can be set up with zero development effort and is supported by our team of financial operations and infrastructure experts.
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Accelerate Month End

Understand your cash position and view payments across their entire lifecycle to accelerate settlements to your customers - without taking on undue risk.

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Remove Complexity

Whether you're looking to reconcile payments processed by your PSP, bank or card scheme, our FinTech solution can simplify your processes and give you reports in a single format.

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Unparalleled Insights

Ledger entries written for every individual debit and credit affecting your payments at the most granular level possible, giving your team unparalleled insights.

“Thanks to Equali, we are able to control in detail the end-to-end flow of all transactions processed, giving us greater visibility and enabling us to detect any potential leaks or anomalies along the way.”

Wouter van Haaften
Head of Finance, Sunday

Martin Burn, Equali Founder

"Our mission is to give businesses control and visibility over their payments."

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