Automated Reconciliations for Accountants

Automate reconciliations for your portfolio of E-Commerce, omnichannel or brick and mortar merchants. All PSPs and channels in one place.

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E-Commerce Accountant

Gain 100% transaction-level visibility over payments and fees


Reduce manual effort by up to 95%


No code: zero development time required

Provide More Value to Your Portfolio of Merchants

Our no-code solution can be set up with zero development effort and is supported by our team of financial operations and infrastructure experts.
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Automated E-Commerce Reconciliations

Automated E-Commerce reconciliations with support for Shopify, eBay, Amazon and all other major channels, as well as PSPs.

Reduce costs

Reduce Operational Costs

Cut operational costs by removing bespoke processes and manual effort. More time to focus on providing value to your merchants.


Simple to Set Up & Use

Get started in no time, regardless of the complexity. Our reconciliation reports are available in Excel or CSV format and delivered via SFTP, as well as our dashboard UI.

Martin Burn, Equali Founder

"Our mission is to give businesses control and visibility over their payments."

Get started in no time.

No development required. Let our specialists do the work.