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modernise your Financial Operations & Infrastructure

Optimise your financial operations with intelligent automation powered by big data technology.


Gain 100% transaction-level visibility over payments and fees


Reduce manual effort by up to 95%


No code: zero development time required

Automated Financial Operations & Infrastructure

Our no-code solution can be set up with zero development effort and is supported by our team of financial operations and infrastructure experts.
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Reconciliations Made Easy

Reconcile multiple data sources from PSPs, banks, order management systems and ERPs. Out of the box order-to-cash reconciliations, channel reconciliations and fee reconciliations.

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Transaction & Settlement Grouping

Groups sets of financial entries such as sales, refunds, chargebacks and fees based on automated rules. Group by order (transaction) and settlement from your PSP.

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Automated Matching Engine

Matching logic optimised for payments, supporting high match rates and reconciliation coverage.

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Unparalleled Insights

Ledger entries written for every individual debit and credit affecting your payments at the most granular level possible, giving your team unparalleled insights.

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Full Audit History

See a record of all of your reconciliations and any actions taken on our dashboard by your team.

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Golden Source Transaction Database

Single source of truth for every payment. We take payment data from your PSP, bank, order management system and/or ERP to give you a rounded view of every payment in one place.

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Automated Payment Data ETL

We consume data from any PSP, bank, channel or ERP, before transforming and loading into our ledger database. Powered by AWS with multi-region storage that complies with GDPR.

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Data Standardisation

Payment data standardised into a single format, regardless of source. Field and data-point level standardisation into our common, proprietary format optimised for financial operations.

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Configurable Reporting

Reports deliverable via SFTP and API based on a configurable schedule that suits the needs of your team, ERP and/or internal systems.  

“Thanks to Equali, we are able to control in detail the end-to-end flow of all transactions processed, giving us greater visibility and enabling us to detect any potential leaks or anomalies along the way.”

Wouter van Haaften
Head of Finance, Sunday

Unlock Business Objectives with Strong Controls

Whether you're entering new markets, launching new products or want to become more profitable in 2024, Equali can streamline your financial infrastructure and operations, helping you achieve your goals.

All major PSPs supported (e.g. Stripe, Adyen, Checkout, PayPal, WorldPay & more)
Ledgers and reconciliations at a company, legal entity and sub-entity level
GDPR compliant
Zero implementation fees
Best in class customer support
Quick and simple setup, with zero development effort required
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Martin Burn, Equali Founder

"Our mission is to give businesses control and visibility over their payments."

Get started in no time.

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