Automate your payment data pipeline

Get ready for month end close and the AI revolution with automated ETL designed and optimised for payment data.

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Gain 100% transaction-level visibility over payments and fees


Reduce manual effort by up to 95%


No code: zero development time required

Automated Payment Data ETL

Our no-code solution can be set up with zero development effort and is supported by our team of financial operations and infrastructure experts.
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Automated Payments ETL

We consume data from any PSP, bank, channel or ERP, before transforming and loading into our ledger database. Powered by AWS with multi-region storage that complies with GDPR.

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Data Standardisation

Payment data standardised into a single format, regardless of source. Field and data-point level standardisation into our common, proprietary format optimised for financial operations.

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Configurable Reporting

Reports deliverable via SFTP and API based on a configurable schedule that suits the needs of your team, ERP and/or internal systems.  

Martin Burn, Equali Founder

"Our mission is to give businesses control and visibility over their payments."

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